The Importance of Social Media and Personal Engagements

Social media is so important. From Twitter to Instagram, using these social media outlets in order to interact with other individuals is unlike anything else. Of course, for a business owner, the utilization of these kinds of services is that much more important. However, you need to know how to interact with other companies and what this is able to do for you in the long run as well. By following through with these basic strategies, you can drastically improve your connection with clients and possible customers.

Say Thanks

Saying thank you is so important in everyday interactions. After all, this is something that just shows a person’s appreciation. It is also important in the Internet world as well. Even fewer people say “thank you” online, so when you bring it up, it makes that much more of an impact. In fact, out of every four people you say “thank you” to, one person is going to follow your back. This makes it worth your wild to tell people thank you when they compliment something or simply when they interact with you and tell you something. It might not be overly helpful, but if you are able to say it, it is going to help you out significantly. In fact, roughly 26 percent of people you think favorite your tweet, 30 percent are going to follow you back, 26 percent are going to follow you back and 24 percent are going to engage with you in several different ways.

Discover What Your Followers Want

The better you understand your followers, the more of a connection you can create with them. After all, if you are just shooting in the dark, it is really hard to hit anything. That is exactly why you need to know what they enjoy and what causes them excitement. You can test this out by creating different kinds of tweets in order to see how people respond. Some points of interest to keep in mind is that if you Bitly link your content instead of using the full oink, you are going to receive more hits than a regular link. If you mention someone through the @ username, you receive 200 percent more engagement than without the @. Images help bring in a few more hits and make the tweet look nice, and while commentary does not necessarily bring in more hits, it makes it more interested and helps bring in more commentary.

Timing is Everything

You don’t want to just blast out tweets at any time of the day. You need to schedule your tweets to occur at specific times of the day where people are going to see the information more often. This is usually around lunch time and around the end of the work day (12-1 PM and 4-5 PM). Of course, you can also buy Twitter followers as this makes you look more desirable and should also increase your Twitter followers in general.


Why it’s okay to Buy Twitter Followers

Many small businesses may have a hard time lifting their business off of the ground.

One of the main reasons for this could be due to lack of popularity. Even if the business gets a social networking page from Facebook or Twitter, getting fans and followers can be very difficult if the small business is unpopular. This is where buying Twitter Followers would be useful.

Buying followers and fans on popular social networking sites can enable a business to possibly tap into an audience that they wouldn’t be able to reach before. A small business may have a certain target audience, but this may help them broaden their audience. Also, the people who like their page may actually have an interest in this small business and spread the information of this business to other people who may be equally interested.

If a small business buys enough followers and fans, then their page could have a great number of likes. The great number of fans and followers can act as a visual representation to other people that that small business is popular. Some people may find this to be deceiving, but in actuality, it also shows that the small business is working hard to gain their own popularity. There are many people out there who already know that businesses buy fans and followers. The large number of fans and followers could show to them that the small business would be willing to invest in their fans and followers. It would show that their fans and followers are worth it.

Finally, if a business decides to buy Twitter followers or Facebook fans, then it would be a cheaper, relatively more affordable way of gaining an audience. Traditional ways of advertising could cost more and, even then, will not always guarantee the small business an audience of any kind. Many small businesses may not have a lot of money to invest nor time for advertising. Buying fans and followers would give these small businesses a chance to receive an actual audience right away without guessing whether or not their advertising works.


Can a Company with Many Twitter Followers Be Successful?

Most companies have to earn their followers on social media, unless of course we’re talking about Twitter. With this particular outlet for social media, different rules apply. Where else can you simply buy a ready-made audience like you are shopping at a convenience store? If you’re shopping for Twitter followers, it is indeed that easy.

Any business looking to bulk up their followers, or at least give the appearance of a bulked up following, can go to a reliable supplier like, for example, and by a thousand followers for just fourteen bucks. That’s a great deal. Spend another $1,500 and you have a million followers. Of course, these are followers that will never translate into customers who will use a particular service or buy a specific product, they’re just numbers. Has the impression of a large following ever actually been shown to grow a company?

Companies know they can simply buy Facebook fans on the cheap. The temptation to do so must be pretty hard to resist as well. Obtaining fans in this fashion, however, is hardly a solid foundation on which to launch a company.

That brings to mind a recent story of a new company that is just starting out. This new company is intended to be a social media site that is targeted at star athletes. The company, BreathSport, was developed by advertising mogul Barry Houlihan. The company may appear to have already enjoyed quite a bit of success, after all, it has 30,000 followers on Twitter so they must be doing something right. Here’s the catch, they haven’t even launched yet.

Using a site like will quickly reveal the truth about these thousands of alleged BreathSport fans. They’re fake, or at least 28,625 are. For his part, Mr. Houlihan downplays the tactic of buying fake followers, insisting that it’s not misleading and that the number of followers is irrelevant.

They may be irrelevant to him, but it seriously dilutes the value of even using social media at all. It hurts Twitter’s reputation and it hurts the brand of the companies who buy Twitter followers.


Social media can improve muddy election campaigns

When it comes to politics, a candidate will do whatever is necessary to win. Regardless of the moral or personal issues that their actions may stir up, the practice of mud slinging is not new to the political arena. The only thing that has changed about the slinging is the slingshot that candidates are using.

Keeping up with the times, political candidates are now delving into the social media scene to comment about their opponents’ downfalls and shortcomings. Using these social media sites on the internet, politicians have been utilizing such sites as face book and twitter. Recently in Pennsylvania, during the debate between Governor Tom Corbett and his challenger Tom Wolf, a twitter war was brewing.

These candidates have assistants to answer these sites and there is a growing concern over the use of software and programs to automatically send out responses. Although many of these responses are indeed created by a human hand, the methods in which they are released to the followers still create a pattern that is recognized as being automated.

Another tactic that is being utilized by the political parties is to buy twitter followers. It has been reported recently that many politicians such as Newt Gingrich, are guilty of buying their followers. He has boasted having more than a million followers, when in reality the number is actually more like 100,000. Even the president has been guilty of reporting double the amount of followers than that of what really exists, suggesting that his party is also guilty of buying twitter followers.

Many of the current politicians battling for office are taking advantage of promoting themselves by reaching voters on a personal level on face book. Posting personal information and photos by perspective candidates builds voter confidence and a personal presence that has not been able to be attained in the past. Social media has certainly changed the game of politics in the United States. By using twitter to promote themselves, candidates are able to reach their twitter followers and gain public approval using an entirely new political tactic when they buy twitter followers.