Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments for Cash Today!

With Occupy Stream, selling your structured settlement or annuity becomes very easy. We will offer you the best prices you can find on today’s market and the most efficient service. All of our associates are experts on structured settlements and have over two decades of experience buying them. Over the years, we have helped thousands of individuals sell their payments and you can be the next one we assist. Get in touch with us and our experienced representatives will help you turn future payments into immediate cash.

Why Should I Sell My Structured Settlement?

The vast majority of people who sell their structured settlement do so because they underwent a big change in their life or are expecting one. In many cases, this change is actually a happy and positive one, but sometimes people go through a rough patch and have to deal with the financial issues that it causes. Luckily, you are able to do so as we can buy structured settlements that will help you throughout many of life’s events.

Buy a New Home

Use your money for a down payment on your home or to buy the perfect land to build the house of your dreams.

Medical Bills

Medical bills and credit card debt are all too common. Get out of debt.

Start a Business

All companies need capital to get off the ground, grow and flourish, and your personal business is no exception.

Escape the Debt

Oversized mortgages, sky-high credit card payments and hefty student loans are all too common in America.

Selling Your Payments to Us

You may have certain projects, such as buying a new home or renovating an existing one, or maybe paying off some of your debts. In this case you may be able to sell part of your annuity or structured settlement payments to meet your immediate financial needs. Our agents are able to help you all throughout the process. They will provide professional assistance with court dates, paperwork and any other requirements that you would go through to get the money you need.

Why Work With Us?

We have been dealing with structured settlements for many years and have established ourselves as an industry leader. This is one of the reasons as to why we can give you some of the best prices in the market today.

When you work with us, you will receive fast and efficient service. Our representatives can give you a free quote in just a couple of minutes. During the entire process, we will be there to provide guidance and information.