Can Twitter Help Prevent Epidemics?

Arguably, one of the most popular forms of social media and networking today is Twitter. This massive network of snippets allows people to stay connected across the globe instantly. While this is often used for detailing bits about what might happen in someone’s day, where someone is or how they are feeling, imagine if it could be harnessed towards a greater and healthier purpose.

With the millions of tweets sent every single day, it is hard to believe that people are not talking about when they are sick. So, this means that if there were some way for researchers to monitor the spread of this sickness between people, and see where its hot spots are, it can be better poised to stop a serious outbreak should it occur.

Right now, the type of research that centers are using to keep informed is outdated, and often occurs weeks or even months after all of the information has been compiled in a central location. With this in mind, harnessing the instantaneous power of Twitter, the stream of information could be constant and up to the minute with the latest details and new statistics.

Since Twitter is global, it is even being used in countries that have very limited to no means of tracking and compiling public health information. So anything that could be pulled from Twitter to be used along these lines would be very crucial towards developing new means of fighting potential outbreaks of epidemics.

More than any other social networking site, Twitter is engaging more people in a constant global conversation of sorts. So what this means is, with the some 500 million tweets sent every single day, and the amount of followers on Twitter ranging for popular icons around the globe, important health and wellness information could be dispersed more easily as well.

There are many sites that are even allowing companies or individuals to buy twitter followers. With a service like this, mixed with the necessity to get out health and wellness information geared towards limiting or preventing potential epidemics, it would be reasonable to assume that an organization could drastically reduce the spread of disease and sickness in general.

How To Use Twitter Effectively To Promote Your Brand

Social Media has become a tremendously important medium for marketing in the last few years. The power of social media marketing is unparalleled, and not to be overlooked by anyone trying to push a product or brand to the general public. Twitter is just one of many social media tools, but one that should not be overlooked by any means. The number of regular users on Twitter is astounding, and should be taken into consideration when trying to market anything to the public eye.

Making a Twitter account is fairly simple and customization is a breeze as well. After the account is active, marketing is just a click away. “Tweeting” about your brand is as easy as telling your followers where to go to view it, whether it be a website or physical location. The trouble that most first time Twitter users run into is finding those followers to speak out to in order to get people looking at the product. Although the product or service you are offering is far more important than having masses of people following you there are many ways to get followers on Twitter so you can start seeing the difference in views. By using other sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc, you can attract people to your Twitter page and get them to start following you there. Another way is actually physically putting marketing tools out there to get people interested. Signs, flyers, etc. bring people in just as well as it used to and can grab someone’s attention if placed correctly.

There is always the option of buying twitter followers as well. If you buy twitter followers, there are a couple ways to do it. You can get a general population type following, where they send you tons of followers that may or may not like what you are offering to sell. There are also certain sites that will actually make sure the followers are in your “niche” so they are more likely to be interested in your brand and not just be there for the substance factor. Once again, it’s not getting the followers as much as it is getting the product out and letting people decide for themselves based on what you have to offer.