Pinterest... It's a Woman's World

5 March 2013, Comments 0

In this high stress world where women are trying to be super employee, super mom and super wife, Pinterest makes it feel possible. Open Pinterest and there is a world of easy to make meals, crafts, clothes at your fingertips. Clicking “repin” is the first step to completing a task. That makes us feel successful even if the success is in clicking “repin” because we are going to “get back to it later.” It is easy to see why a study released by Pew Research in December of 2012, showed that one fifth of women who use the Internet use Pinterest. That is 36 million Pinterest followers who are women.

Because Pinterest followers are mostly women the most popular Pinterest categories revolve around the types of things women are interested in. Can’t think of what to make for dinner tonight? Check out Pinterest. Chances are someone “pinned” something that is easy to make, tastes good and isn’t what you made last night. Want to spruce up your house without spending a lot of money? Look at the amazing ideas other creative, frugal and crafty people have “pinned.” It’s not a surprise that the number one category, based on the number of pins, is “Food and Drink.” “DIY and Crafts” naturally is the second highest category on Pinterest. Some pins have been reported to being repined 96,000 times.

Marketing on Pinterest to reach the female demographic should be standard practice for any business. Imagine 96,000 “Repins” of your product. It’s as easy as posting a picture of your blog or product and pinning it to your Pinterest account. It is important to have a large group of Pinterest followers following your pins. Common sense tells us that 1000 Pinterest followers “repining” your pins are always better than 100 followers. Expand your base of followers through multiple eye catching and interesting “pins.” Follow people who have similar products and interests. This places your product in the eyes of people looking for what you have to sell. To quickly build a following an easy option is to simply buy Pinterest followers. Once you have a base the results are exponential.

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