Twitter Not Popular for News

7 March 2013, Comments 0

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms ever created. It is up there with Facebook and MySpace as the most used social media platforms. However a question that some analysts had was whether Twitter was a good news platform. Apparently it is not. Instead it is a hub for people to gain Twitter followers and seek attention, sometimes even being able to buy Twitter followers.

According to Twitter, less than 3% of adults either tweet or retweet news links. Because of this there is very good reason to say that Twitter is not much of a news platform. However, many Twitter enthusiasts would argue otherwise, saying that Twitter is the future of news. Many journalists and news organizations do however already use Twitter, and they use it for their work. But this is not exactly what Twitter enthusiasts mean when they talk about Twitter being the future of news. They mean that Twitter is going to be used to share links and videos of news stories and that normal people who are not journalists or affiliated with news companies will tweet and retweet news stories.

Analysts say otherwise. It is unlikely that Twitter will ever become a large hub for news stories, even though it might be a part of news sharing along with sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. Despite this, the population of Twitter users who use Twitter to share news stories is minuscule according to research done by the Pew Research Center. They say that only around 13% of American adults are even on Twitter, and only 3% of American adults ever use it for news related stories. It is expected that the number of people who go to Twitter in search of news stories is so incredibly tiny that it cannot even be measured.

Pew also found that there is often a lack of consistency between what Twitter users think and what the general public thinks. This highlights the demographics of the average Twitter user.

Twitter lives up to the stereotype that it portrays. Most of its users are young people who look to Twitter who are interested in things like sports and celebrities and who share information about their personal lives. Despite this, it is true to say that Twitter can be an extremely useful platform for those people who choose to use Twitter as a means for keeping up with current events. The fact simply is that most people do not use Twitter for anything of the sort. Most people just find it easier to get their news updates from sources such as Newspapers, TV or the Internet. The fact that often people affiliated with news companies use Twitter just like the general public does – to talk about their personal lives and things that most people don’t actually care about – does not help.

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