Safety Tips To Sharing The Road With Trucks

There are many challenges to driving a truck. Pedestrians and smaller vehicles stand as the two top dangers of truck drivers. Not being aware of the road and what is around them can cause serious injuries as well as near misses for the truck driver.

Trucking groups have stated that pedestrians and other motorists are not aware of the difficulty of handling a large truck. This results in almost 75% of all truck related accidents. Other motorists need to be aware of distances and handling issues when sharing the road with large trucks.

Truck drivers offer five essential tips to other drivers that can help to avoid accidents and serious injuries. The first such tip is to be aware of stopping distances and times. The larger the vehicle, the more time and distance they will need to stop their truck. Do not cut them off in traffic and allow ample space between smaller vehicles and big trucks.

The other drivers on the road should also be aware of not remaining in a truck’s blind spots. The big vehicles do not have 100% mirror vision around the entire vehicle, so watch for signals and be aware when sharing the road ways. The fourth tip is to not tailgate. This is a definite blind spot and when the truck may stop suddenly, it can cause serious injury and maybe even death to other drivers.

Finally, always allow some extra space for the driver of the truck to maneuver their vehicle. Trucks have a wider turning range and cannot turn on a dime. Being safe of the road ways is the responsibility of all drivers of all vehicles. Stay aware, drive at safe speeds and be courteous on the road. These steps will keep everyone safe and get all to their destinations without any accidents. In the event of an accident, be sure to lawyer up right away. Houston Truck Accident Lawyer John K Zaid & Associates, PLLC are available 7 days a week to assist you with your case.

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